Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hair. Growing up I had stick-straight, super thin hair.  I remember using my mom's hot rollers to curl it one time.  Within an hour it was stick-straight again.  So I did what I could with curling irons and blow dryers and, for the most part, enjoyed my hair.  My hair dressers have all fawned over it.  As I grew older it got thicker, but was always straight.  Then about five years ago I started to develop single waves.  There would be random waves in one little spot on my head.

After my hysterectomy I noticed that one little spot turned into a few little spots.  Since I always blow dry my hair I don't often know what my hair would do if left to it's own devices.  Tonight after a little color update I got out of the shower, towel dried my hair and decided to let it dry on it's own.  What you see above it the current state of my hair, as of 10 minutes ago (I love technology!).  And I have to say, not a big fan of these curls. 

I have had friends with curls.  Gorgeous, silky, bouncy curls.  Mine are not that variety.  Mine are random, uneven, and not user friendly.  So I will continue with my usual routine, and quietly forget that I have these funny little curls.  Until the next time!

Gotta love those hormones!

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